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Benjamin Frederick Rowell (1807-1893) – Rowells
Benjamin Frederick Rowell (1807-1893)

Benjamin Frederick Rowell (1807-1893)

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Information from the Parish Register at St. Helen’s, Folksworth.

There is only one mention of Benjamin Rowell in the Parish register:

Nov 1 1807Benjamin son of William & Elizabeth

This does not fit with the age calculated from the 1841 Census but the ages in that Census were rounded to the nearest 5 year point.

Information from the Parish Register at St. Peter’s, Yaxley.

May 24 1835WilliamWalter s of Benjamin & Caroline of Yaxley tailor
Dec 20 1837Kate Clara d of Benjamin & Caroline of Yaxley tailor
Jun 7 1840Sydney Benjamin s of Benjamin & Caroline of Yaxley taylor
Jan 15 1843Kate Clara Helen d of Benjamin & Caroline of Yaxley tailor
Mar 31 1844Edwin George Thomas s of Benjamin & Caroline of Yaxley tailor
May 31 1846Elizabeth Augusta d of Benjamin & Caroline of Yaxley tailor
May 22 1864Lucy Kate d of Sydney Benjamen & Mary of Yaxley tailor
May 26 1867Thomas Sydney s of Sydney Benjamin & Mary of Yaxley grocer (lab tailor)

Census Information

June 6 1841, North Yaxley

The information at the front of the schedule is shown below:

The relevant information is shown on page 6:

NameAgeCalculated Birth YearInformation
Benjamin Rowell301811Tailor
Caroline Rowell301811
Hariet Rowell71834
William Rowell61835
Kate Clara Rowell31838
Sidney Rowell11840
Elizabeth Rowell661775Widow

March 30th 1851, Yaxley, North of the Town Street

This shows the front of the Census schedule:

The description of the area covered is:

All that part of the town of Yaxley which lies to the North of the Town Street.

Part of page  21 is shown below:

George Rowell is described as ‘Innkeeper’ here. In the 1881 Census Benjamin is living next door to the Royal Oak. It seems likely that this is where George is the Innkeeper and that the house in which Benjamin is living is one of the houses at the corner between what is now Main Street and Middletons Road.

The dwelling place of Benjamin is described as 75 (again the number in the Census schedule)

NameRelationshipAgeCalculated birth yearBirth placeOccupation
Benjamin RowellHead431808 FolksworthTailor
Caroline RowellWife 431808East Peckham
Walter RowellSon151836Yaxley
Sidney RowellSon101841Yaxley
Kate Clara Rowelldaughter81843Yaxley
Edwin Rowellson71844Yaxley
Elizabeth Rowelldaughter41847Yaxley

April 7th 1861, Yaxley Parish

At this date David Lilley is the innkeeper at the Royal Oak.

However a niece of Benjamin (also called Elizabeth)  is staying with Benjamin and his one remaining daughter at home.

The dwelling is number 87 in the schedule and the Royal Oak is number 74. The schedule notes are shown below:

Page 17 and 18 are show below:

NameRelationshipAgeCalculated birth yearBirth placeOccupation
Benjamin RowellHead531808 FolksworthTailor
Elizabeth Rowelldaughter141847YaxleyHousekeeper
Elizabeth Rowellneice151846YaxleyVisitor

George and Ann are listed after Benjamin and the name of the dwelling is present.


NameRelationshipAgeCalculated birth yearBirth placeOccupation
George RowellHead501811YaxleyMillwright & Innkeeper
Ann RowellWife441817Yaxley
William RowellSon181843YaxleyEngine fitter
George RowellSon101851YaxleyScholar
Martha RowellDaughter81853YaxleyScholar
Harriet RowellDaughter61855YaxleyScholar

This 1824 map shows the locations of the possible dwellings:

Here they are shown on the current Google map:

The house that used to be the Recruiting Sergeant public house is located just off the village green.

3rd April 1871, Yaxley




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