12, Whitehall Road

12, Whitehall Road

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12, Whitehall Road was the home of Frank Leslie Rowell and his wife Pansy and their children for the time that Frank Leslie was the Pastor at Evington Chapel.

My memories of 12, Whitehall Road.

I have many memories of visits to Granny’s. These are mainly after Grandad died as he passed away when I was aged 6.

Rowell Christmas get togethers.

Nearly all my Dad’s siblings would get together on Christmas Day. We would have to travel from Coventry to Evington after the Christmas Day morning service.

I do remember the warm and enthusiastic welcome that Grandad used to give us each when we arrived.

There was a large hall which I seem to remember had a varnished wood floor…we used to run downstairs and slide around the corner!

The walls of the two reception rooms would be covered in Christmas cards. There would be loops of string to hold them up and the walls would literally be covered cards.

It was a large family so there would be crowds of people there and it would be a bit overwhelming to begin with for us youngsters.

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