Rowell vs Lee

Rowell vs Lee

High Court Chancery Rowell vs Lee

-u. AUSÆR, No. 4, Temple-row West, Birmingham.

TO be sold pursuaat to a decree of tbe High Court of _l_ Chrncery, made •io a cause of Rowell versus Lee, with the approbation Of’ the’  Sir John Stuart, in lots, by Mr. John Fox, of Pe•erborough, Auctioneer, the person appointed by the said Judge, at the Angel Hotel, Peterborough, in the county of Northampton, on Thursday the 22nd day of August, 1861, at six o’clock iu the afternoon . precisely :

Four freehold -cottages and a small piece bf land,’ being about one rood of garden ground, situate at Yäxley, in tbe count’ of Huntingdon, and late tbe property of Edward Jervis Hopkins, Esquire, deceaied.

Particulars whereof may be had (gratis) of Messrs. Gates nnd Percival, Solicitor*, Peterborough ; • Mr. Gaehes, Solicitor, Peterborough ; at the Angel Hotel, Peterborough ;

  • of Mr. Jobu Fox, the Auctioneer, Peterborough ; of Messrs. Clarke and Moricp, Solicitors, 29, Coleman-street, London ; and of Messrs. Kingsford and Dormap, 23, Essex-street, Strand, London.
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