William Rowell (1778-1824)

William Rowell (1778-1824)


Marriage – 22nd October 1798

There is no record of William’s marriage at Folksworth. The next reference to him is to the birth of his daughter Elizabeth.

There is a record of marriage however at Peterborough St John of his marriage with Elizabeth Millington – note that this is Wm Rowell of Folksworth there is only one candidate William Rowell of Folksworth



These are the subsequent references to William and Elizabeth at Folksworth:

The move to Yaxley

Burial at St Peter’s Yaxley

Register entry for burial:

This entry is very helpful. If this is our William then he was born in 1778. This means that he cannot be William son of William and Anne Rowell born in Yaxley  in 1771

There is an Elizabeth living with Benjamin and Caroline in the 1841 Census. Her age recorded here looks like 66 but the entries were supposed to be rounded to the nearest 5 years I think.

It looks like aged 66 but they were supposed to round to the nearest 5 year mark…there is evidence that this was not done consistently on this form.

If it is 66 and it is correct then the birth year will be 1775

If it is 60 and this is rounded up or down it could be 1779-1783

There is a burial of an Elizabeth Rowell at St Peters in Yaxley on August 9th 1841:

[otp = Of this parish]

If this is the same Elizabeth and her age is correct then it means that the Census information earlier that year must be wrong either way unless it is meant to be 68.

This Elizabeth (if the age is correct) was born in 1773


There is a possible headstone for William at St Peters Yaxley:



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