The de Rowells

The de Rowells


Memorandum of delivery of John de Rowelle, a prisoner, to the constable of Bamburgh castle. 32 Edw I.
1 membrane.




[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Roger de Rowell was the chancellor of Oxford University during 1283–4.[/perfectpullquote]

1264 John De Rowell was vicar of All Saints Church in Wroxton 1264-1296 –

The manor of Normanby by Spittal was granted to the dean and chapter by Henry Beck, nephew of Bishop Thomas Beck, to maintain two chantries in Normanby church and one in the cathedral. (fn. 170) In 1324 a licence was granted for the manor of Aunsby [Ounesby] to be alienated to the dean and chapter, who were to find three chaplains to pray for the souls of Robert de Lacy, formerly treasurer of the cathedral, Richard de Rowell, formerly canon, and Hervey de Luda, custodian of the altar of St. Peter. (fn. 171) The manor of Glentham was conveyed to the dean and chapter by three executors of John duke of Lancaster to keep the anniversaries of Kings Henry IV and V, and of the duke.

51 HENRY III (28 October 1266–27 October 1267)

15 Jan. Westminster. For Richard de Rowell’, clerk. To the barons etc. The king has committed to his beloved clerk Richard de Rowell’ five acres and three rods of assart with appurtenances of the king’s demesne in the wood of Southwick in Northamptonshire rendering half a mark therefor per annum at Michaelmas for the same assart for as long as it pleases the king just as Peter de Bedinton was previously accustomed to render therefor to the king’s sheriff of Northamptonshire in the rent of the assarts rented out by Robert Passelewe and his associates, itinerant justices, in the same county for the forest pleas. Order therefore to cause it to be done and enrolled thus.

The History and Antiquities of the Seigniory of Holderness, in the …, Volume 1

By George Poulson

Roger de Rowell of Lincs

Roger de Rowell, archdeacon of Bedford, to John de Langton, chancellor: request for assistance in obtaining deer.



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