The Rowells from Benefield

The Rowells from Benefield

The Benefield Branch of Rowells

The branch of Rowells that I am particularly interested in goes like this:

Ramsey & Rowly Regis – Ebenezer Rowell (1875-1969)

Yaxley and Chatteris – Sydney Benjamin Rowell (1840-1916)

Folksworth and Yaxley – Benjamin Frederick Rowell (1807-1893)

Folksworth and Yaxley – William Rowell (1778- 1824)

Tansor, Caldecote and Folksworth – John Rowell (1748-1827)

I am pretty confident that back to John Rowell and his wife Elizabeth  I have everything right…going further back before his arrival in Folksworth is more difficult!

I am not sure that I have the correct Elizabeth for the marriage with John and I am not sure that it is our John who marries Anne Ives at Caldecote.

Tansor and Benefield – Lyon Rowell (1721-?)

Benefield – John Roell (1681)

Benefield – Arthur Rowell (1651-1723)

Benefield – John Rowell (1619-?)

Benefield – Symon Rowell